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Process ·


PWA, Mobile (Android, iOS, Hybrid), Desktop, Web App Development

Modular ERP

Sales, Store, Delivery, Front Desk, HR, Accounts, Production & Management

Remote Management

Client and Team Collaboration, Live KPI and Employee Monitoring

Data Science

Extraction, ETL Processing, Modeling, Reports and Deployment

CX Optimization

Strategies, Recommendations, Knowledge Base & Support Systems

Technical Consultancy

IT Optimization, Implementation, Integration, Testing & Support

Design ·

Identity & Corporate Kit

Brand Logos, Business Cards, Letter Heads, ID Cards, Envelop.etc.,

Social Communication

Newsletters, Social Media Post, Online Ad, Event Poster

Product & Packaging

Brand Definition & Story, Package & Label Design, Protyping

Marketing Materials

Flyers, Brochures, Tent Cards, Cover, Banners, Standees, Reports

Digital Illustration

Portrait, Icon, Posters, Invitation, Infographics, Slides & Flows

User Interface

UI Kit, Wireframing, UI Flow, Micro Interactions & Prototyping

Technology ·


Tensorflow, Data Sets, Image & Speech Recognition, Intelligence API's

Internet of Things

Office Automation, Sensor Data, Cloud Controls & Smart Apps

Blockchain Solutions

Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency Wallets, ICO Launch & Development

Low Code Platform

Visual IDE, Data Mapping, Flow Control & Extensions


Continuous Planning, Integration, Testing, Deployment & Feedback

Third Party Integrations

Extend to Third Party API's & Apps like SAP, Dynamics, Salesforce, etc.,

Marketing ·


Corporate, Projects, Products, Blogging Sites & Landing Pages


Custom, Woocommerce, Shopify, Product Catalogue & POS

Social Media

Strategies, Research & Analysis, Campaigns & Content Creation


On Page, Adwords, PPC, Keywords Planning & AMP

Analytics & Affiliates

Targets, Conversion, Lead & Traffic Generation, WIN-WIN Model

Newsletter & Push

Subscription Flow, Mailing List & Push Notifications via App or Site


Modular ERP

Painless Enterprise Resource Planning System which fits across Multiple Business Verticals modular_erp

We are gratified to present our new business model mSAAS (Modular Software as a Service). You can now generate your own ERP package using our handy modules such as Sales, Store, Delivery, Front Desk, HR, Accounts, Production & Management.

Our modular ERP empowers you to fine-tune or develop a custom module on Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Banking.etc., After prolonged difficulties faced by the industries on Digitization, we tried to shrink the top-notch ERP solution remarkably considering the precision of data and implementation cost.

If you are looking for ERP implementation, we can arrange a demo of our top ERP software modules.

Signature Validator

Signio - AI Signature Verification App for Authenticity Check through Instant Scan signature_validator

The authorization mechanism has evolved to Digital Signature, OTP, PIN's but the traditional authorization method remains top of all. In such a case, the human eye is prone to mistakes due to psychology, eye problems.

Signio helps banking institutions to reduce the pain points by providing an automatic signature verification app, which is made of three AI core modules with distinct capabilities to penetrate the different features of a signature.

Added features include side by side comparison, automatic signature detection and cropping, resolution independence, noise reduction and signatory authenticity score.


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